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Texas-sized! America’s largest cross to be built

The largest cross in the US is coming to the “Body of Christ,” also known as Corpus Christi, Texas. The Corpus Christi Cross Project broke ground at the Abundant Life Fellowship campus off Interstate 37 on Sunday. Pastor Rick Milby says the massive cross will eventually stretch 95 feet wide and 210 feet high, making it the biggest in the Western Hemisphere, reports the Houston Chronicle. The idea for the project came to Milby after he first spotted a huge cross in Houston and heard about “lives that were changed, suicides that were aborted, relationships that were restored because...

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Senior Services in Houston and Surrounding Areas

DIVINE COMFORT HOME CARE provides a service that assists our clients and their loved ones. They are committed to providing quality, ethical and professional services. DIVINE COMFORT works closely with hospitals, community agencies, senior living facilities, healthcare professionals and programs like yours to safeguard senior’s health and well being. As a dedicated caregiver, they have helped families to restore balance, order and peace to their lives and helped senior loved ones to remain at home. Being caregiver is a unique job with responsibilities and challenges, both physical and emotional, but it also offers many joys and rewards that you...

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Electronic Cigarettes under fire in China

In a move that is sure to have e-cig users across the nation groaning “thanks, China,” Chinese regulators vowed Monday to seize all e-cigarettes and ban all further exports of “vape” related products. In a letter written to sellers, manufacturers and exporters of the nicotine inhaling devices, officials deemed that electronic cigarettes pose a grave danger to our tobacco industry, which currently employs 20 Million people in China. The move comes after new safety guidelines were set by an independent consulting company this month and following a spike opposition after China tobacco released its recent quarterly revenues statement. The...

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Rural counties struggle to stay afloat

The big black-and-white photos on the walls of the tightly packed Fire Hall Museum show off Crowell and Foard County back in the 1950s and ’60s when sharp-finned cars filled the angled parking spaces around the county square and crowds jammed the local movie house. But even then Foard and dozens of other rural Texas counties were slipping — their populations dropping by 10, 20, even 30 percent in each census, a trend that never really changed. Each year, when the U.S. Census Bureau releases the latest population estimates, attention turns to the surging growth along the Texas Triangle...

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Clooney, astronauts mark 45th anniversary of Apollo 13

SUGAR LAND, Texas (AP) — George Clooney has joined astronauts Jim Lovell, Tom Stafford and Eugene “Quality” Cernan at a function in Texas to praise the 45th commemoration of the Apollo 13 mission. The occasion to stamp a month ago’s commemoration was held Tuesday night at an air terminal shed in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land. The Apollo 13 mission was the third intended to arrive on the moon, however after it launched April 11, 1970, an oxygen tank blasted, disabling the spacecraft. The team was compelled to circle the moon as opposed to landing and returned securely...

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