Upcoming online conference on neuromining

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, November 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The convergence of research, education and artificial intelligence for finance, accountancy and marketing shapes the use of neuromining to predict human behaviour and decision-making at scale. Overeating, spending addiction, and texting while driving is just some of the irrational human behaviours helped by applying behavioural science. In 2022, we need to harness neuromining and use behavioural science to influence human behaviour at scale.

The brilliant Steve Jobs understood the gap between what people say and what they do and probably epitomises the greatest “neurominer” of all time. He understood human behaviour and, as his Apple legacy shows, creating influence globally.

To overcome the challenge of neuromining at scale, Brain Value is bringing together behavioural science, data science, artificial intelligence and behavioural technology and combining this as part of a two-day online conference for finance, accountancy and marketing. Attendees will hear first-hand about a diversity of application areas and how neuromining solutions provide gains and unique advantages for teams and organisations. Each presentation will share behavioural insights taking attendees one step closer to unpacking people’s emotions to impact the human intention gap of say-do directly.

Beyond finance, marketing and accountancy, you will hear about the move to use micro-coaching to maximise sales teams’ performance and improve upon the outcomes of subconscious behaviours. Neuromining initiatives do not require consideration with a critical lens as embracing just a dark side but provides ample ethical opportunity to help individuals become aware of cognitive biases in the moment.

With a cyber-attack every second of the day, 2023 is the year to move away from the risk of a data breach or cyber leak and focus on predicting human behaviour using neuromining techniques for business growth.

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