The Next-gen approach to sales brings together decentralized talent to drive sales + growth, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit and performance-based incentives that clients crave, while keeping expansion costs correlated to the top line

SINGAPORE, December 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — D-Central announced its new Decentralized Sales Operations offering, designed for companies seeking to expand but without the capital, talent and more importantly time, to set up their own sales operation. The offering is being spearheaded by the always exceptional, Julia Raimbault Gormand, a longtime career sales and growth pioneering leader for global fintech leaders, who will join the D-Central Tribe as non-executive director.

By uniting data-driven sales with decentralized sales teams, D-Central builds a performance-oriented sales function, without weighing on a client’s balance sheet and without needing to change your organization. The operation uses scalable sales targeting & decentralized teams to drive exponential growth much faster and more effectively than traditional methods.

“I’m so glad to welcome Julia Gormand as a non-executive director in the D-Central ecosystem and family to drive this offering. A unique visionary, Julia has continuously delivered breakthrough results and commanding leadership in everything that she does. She’ll now harness her deep knowledge of sales to fuel the vision of this unique offering – a gamechanger for companies seeking agile growth by tapping into decentralized talent,” said Dominique Rose Van-Winther, CEO and Founder of D-Central.

Julia went on to explain, “By using data driven sales strategies and leveraging on decentralised sales talents, we can enable exponential growth in companies – disrupting the traditional model where expansion required major long-term investments of time, money and effort. This offering harnesses the skills of the most exceptional salespeople: entrepreneurs that are driven by performance-based metrics. That sort of exceptional talent is not traditionally found in a centralized environment of an office.”

D-Central Co-Founder + Global Chief Consigliere KVP added: “We are stoked to get a Non-Executive of Julia Gormand’s calibre. We’ve known her for years and anyone who has dealt with Julia from a business or personal perspective will attest to her being an absolute rockstar, as well as someone who is always setting records across the firms she has worked for. She quite literally sets the bell-curve – so we are very excited, grateful and cannot wait to see what Julia has in store for both current, as well future partners of the D-Central family.”

With almost 20 years experience in sales roles for leading global blue chip firms, Julia Raimbault Gormand is currently Head Of Customer Success & Experience, Asia-Pacific for SimCorp (382 million Euros; CPH:SIM). She previously led sales at such firms as Saxo Bank, Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ and BNP Paribas Wealth Management. Currently based in Singapore, she has worked across Europe, South America and Asia.

About D-Central.
D-Central is a next gen gateway into the future of high-end bespoke advisory and consulting, powered by decentralized rockstar talent across the globe. The firm’s creed is being a conduit for local talent to access global opportunities and for centralized clients to access decentralized world-class talent.

Born from the decentralization revolution, D-Central is a globally distributed strategic consulting firm embodying the new reality of marrying lifestyle with one’s work – embracing remote work as structural positive parameter that is here to stay in one form or another. The firm is globally headquartered in Singapore and operates in 26 markets across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America and Africa.

D-Central caters to clients that want to harness the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion of independent talent, yet need to move quickly with full-service strategy and execution to solve innovative challenges. D-Central works with a selection of exclusive brands across industries from FMCG to fintech, automotive to blockchain, media organizations to crypto ventures.
45% of our team are women, with over 60% representing diverse ethnicities.

Decentralized Sales Operation.
COVID and blockchain technology have accelerated an inevitable future of decentralized talent and work. Online collaboration is the new norm and geographies have never mattered less. D-Central builds bespoke, diverse teams to execute sales globally, harnessing the power of independent, passionate sales experts, all while sharing profit with the sales teams bringing in and overseeing the work – ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

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