Leathwaite Reveals COO-Driven 2024 Business Insights and Projections

LONDON, ENGLAND, June 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Leathwaite, a pioneer in executive search and leadership consulting, has unveiled its much-anticipated report, “Through the Eyes of the COO: 2024 Insights and Perspectives.”

This comprehensive analysis is derived from conversations with Chief Operating Officers (COOs) across the globe. It forecasts the expected trends and challenges over the next 12 to 18 months, identifying six pivotal themes to reshape the corporate world.

As a society, we often place a high value on efficiency, and Leathwaite points out a significant shift towards using technology to lower operational costs. A new generation of operational leaders is emerging, combining experiences in operational expertise and proficiency in technology, data analytics and transformational skills to redefine success.

Beyond digitising processes, the report underscores COOs’ commitment to enhancing commercial value by increasing efficiency, transparency, and overall organisational performance. This commitment involves a concentrated effort on workforce optimisation and process improvements through various strategies, including off/reshoring and establishing stronger outsourcing partnerships, which are vital for achieving sustained commercial success. Additionally, Leathwaite’s research highlights the crucial role of integrating technology, data, and top-tier talent in elevating operational outcomes. COOs are increasingly central to leading comprehensive business transformations, employing a strategic data analysis approach that supports immediate and long-range decision-making and change.

In this period of transformation, the importance of integrating and maximising the potential of newly onboarded talent is more pronounced than ever. Organisations are working hard to boost their agility, aiming to skillfully manoeuvre through the ups and downs of the industry. Moreover, with the rapid evolution of technological advancements, there is an emerging need for specialised roles, such as Head of AI, to address the new skill gaps that accompany these changes. Although this development is still in its early stages, it marks a proactive approach to embracing technological innovation.

A pivotal insight from the report is that three-quarters of the COOs interviewed anticipate broadening their roles, moving towards a more strategic contribution in formulating enterprise business strategies in the next two to three years. The anticipated evolution of the COO role mirrors a wider trend towards leadership that excels in operational efficiency and strategic foresight. Such leaders are adept at guiding organisations through the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing business environment.

Leathwaite’s report highlights the changing world of operational leadership and shows the consultancy’s dedication to meeting the changing needs of organisations around the globe. By offering deep insights into these important trends, Leathwaite serves as a guiding light for companies looking to successfully tackle the complexities of today’s business world.

For further information and to access the full report, here: https://insights.leathwaite.com/through-the-eyes-of-the-coo/the-results.

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