Sophia Burrell International, a board/card game design company, is breaking barriers by providing an online course that gamifies individual goals to fast track careers for the win.

NEW YORK, NY, November 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sophia Burrell International, a creative board game and card game design business with a focus on building growth solution toolkits recently launched its first online course in New York City with the sole purpose of expounding the utility of their V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method.

At Sophia Burrell International the vision is to become a worldwide brand that provides gamified growth opportunity solutions to businesses and customers alike, in order to help them capture and establish their best self so they can win and thrive. “Mindset shift is a mind game that requires strategic thinking and self-regulation,” said CEO and Founder, Sophia Burrell.

Gamification is a rapidly growing industry, but gamifying one’s goals to help fast track one’s career goal is a unique and differentiating value proposition that SBI has masterfully adopted in a course format. What’s missing from online education is the application of game thinking and game dynamics that makes learning more interesting. Integrating a psychological punch between these two factors is a powerful transformational agenda.

“I felt like I did 10-years of growth after completing this course,” said one candidate and another said, “I loved the weekly course chat with other students present and where all my questions were answered.”

For additional information, course sign up and to watch free masterclass, please visit: or email: [email protected]

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