A Revolutionary Insight into the World of Physics by Dr R.A. Sarkar

TORONTO, ON, June 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quantum Noora Dynamics (QND) is set to redefine the landscape of modern physics with the release of a groundbreaking new book by R.A. Sarkar. Titled NOORA (Quantum Noora Dynamics): Unveiling the Secrets of the Universe, this book delves deep into the foundational principles of quantum mechanics to change the DNA of atomic physics that challenges long-standing theories, offering fresh perspectives and concepts for disruptive innovation.

A Paradigm Shift in Physics
Dr Sarkar is practically a celebrated figure in chemistry but has developed strength in the field of theoretical physics from his hidden desire. Physics was dormant in the DNA of Dr Sarkar. He has spent years meticulously researching and compiling data to present an alternative understanding of atomic and subatomic phenomena. His book critiques established theories, including those proposed by eminent physicists like Newton, Einstein, Rutherford, etc, and introduces novel ideas that promise to revolutionize our comprehension of the universe.

Key Highlights of the Book:

1. Reevaluation of Einstein’s Theories:
– Dr Sarkar examines Einstein’s famous equation (E = mc^2), presenting arguments that question its classical interpretations of the mass-energy relationship. Dr Sarkar identified that Einstein’s equation (m=E/c^2) is inadequate to synthesize mass from energy in the form of chemical elements. So, he theorized an alternative strategy to facilitate the synthesis of chemical elements proposing a new atomic mode to redefine the mass-energy relationship.

2. Explained the very mechanism of gravity in a way we understood never before:
– Dr Sarkar theorized new particles as the fundamental constituents of the universe. Using these constituents, he conceptualized a new explanation for gravity and modernized the concept of curvature and attraction -based concept of gravity from Newton and Einstein. These insights aim to correct misconceptions and open new avenues for research in nuclear atomic physics.

3. Exploration of Mass-Energy Conversion:
– One of the central themes of Quantum Noora Dynamics is the intricate process of mass converting into energy and vice versa. Sarkar explores this concept with a critical eye, offering new propositions that could have significant implications for energy production as well as synthesizing chemical elements from energy as part of particle physics.

4. The Role of Quarks and Neutrons:
– Sarkar delves into the subatomic world, exploring the behavior of quarks and neutrons under various conditions. His findings challenge conventional wisdom and provide a fresh perspective on the fundamental building blocks of matter.

5. Critique of Historical Experiments:
– The book reassesses the validity and conclusions of historical experiments in physics e.g. Alpha-particle experiment, Photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, Pair-product, etc. Dr Sarkar argued that many accepted theories are based on erroneous interpretations of experimental data. His work aims to set the record straight and pave the way for more accurate scientific inquiry for a solid backbone of science.

And many more… on the fundamental understandings of science that will certainly blow your mind. This this a book for you if you are a true science lover.

R.A. Sarkar is a distinguished chemist and physicist known for his critical approach to conventional theories and his innovative contributions to the field of quantum mechanics. With numerous publications and awards to his name, Sarkar’s work will continue to inspire ambitious scientists around the world.

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