AJLO Productions just released its first indie movie film in Arizona depicting a fast thinking father that is on a determined mission to save his kidnapped daughter before she is lost forever.

MESA, AZ, August 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jason Lohman, his wife Kimberly and their actress daughter, Alexa have formed a production movie company called AJLO Productions. They created their first indie feature film called Rescue. Jason plays a lead as the father, Jake, and his daughter Alexa plays a lead as Leah, Jake’s daughter. In the film, Jake loses his wife and oldest daughter to an unfortunate accident. As Jake and Leah are trying to cope with their loss and get their lives back to normal as a new family of two, their lives are turned upside down when Leah is kidnapped and being sold to the cartel.

Once Jake learns of Leah’s abduction, being trained in martial arts and an ex veteran, he instinctively pursues the kidnappers. With bold, brazen determination, he sets out on an arduous and harrowing quest only to find himself one step behind the kidnappers with Leah captive in their clutches. Jake soon discovers his daughter being handed over to the cartel by the kidnappers and does what any father should do, rescue her.

What inspired Jason Lohman to do a film of this nature emanated from a 2019 news article that he read involving a child abduction and trafficking bust in Mesa, Arizona. This crime being so close to home and having a young daughter were instrumental in the vision for this movie. Jason wanted to make his first feature film to help bring awareness to the growing problem of child abductions and trafficking, and how fast a child can disappear in only a moments time.

Rescue was released in 2022, and its official website (and Facebook fan page and IMDB page) has all the details where one can see this feature film. This film made its run through the film festival circuits and won approximately seven awards and honorable mentions. Alexa Lohman won the “Best Young Actress” award and Jason Lohman won “Best First Time Director” and “Best Producer” awards. The onscreen connection as father and daughter was easy to portray given that they are real-life father (Jason Lohman) and daughter (Alexa Lohman).

It is important to this film’s crew and cast members that this indie film (filmed in Arizona) will raise awareness of the seriousness of the child trafficking and abductions. Understandably, this film depicts some rather intense and dramatic moments. It was necessary to capture the authentic feel of this horrible reality that plays out in our world today.

When viewing this movie, please be sure to see the last scene found after the rolling credits.

AJLO Productions was originally conceptualized by Alexa Lohman at age thirteen. Being a young actress since age seven, she recruited her parents who are self-starter business entrepreneurs and the three of them became a team as Jason proficiently furthered his studies in film and commercial editing, directing and producing.

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