A Novel That References Elvis Presley

LONDONDERRY, NH, November 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Karissa Love Hope is a versatile author who knows her readers well enough to come up with excellent reads. Amazingly, she is one of those authors who recognize their talent for writing and knows her strengths. This testament to this is her maiden book Graceland Jailhouse & Rock volume 1, a highly engaging, eloquently written masterpiece. The story is not only engaging, but it grabs the interest of the readers and carves them to ask for more. Keep in mind that Elvis Pressley is merely an allegory. Still, you will find multiple references to the renowned rockstar, his life and costumes, the famous leather jacket and sideburns, and more.

References to Elvis Presley

Through the book, readers find references to Elvis Presley in one way or the other. One of the reasons for this is that the author Karissa Love Hope and her mother idolized him. The author mentions in the preface that the book would refer to Presley throughout the story. Not only this, but the central characters in the book also referred to Presley in many different ways. Once you start reading the book, you will realize how beautifully Karissa has amalgamated the fiction with a real-life character.

Boys Imitating Presley

The book begins with the mention of Elvis Presley, where the protagonist Carolyn asks her son Vince to imitate him. Vince does so unwillingly and finds the sideburns odd but realizing that he wouldn’t look like Presley without his trademark sideburns, he keeps them on. Carolyn visits the neighbors. Clint and his son Chad dressed and appeared like Elvis Presley. Earlier, Vince wasn’t comfortable visiting the neighbors wearing Elvis’s costume but watching them wearing the same eased her nerves.

Carolyn was all happy and would gladly participate in the event with Clint. Chad and Vince were both relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company, not to mention they were having fun repeating famous songs by Presley. Though other guests were equally enjoying the show, Carolyn and Clint were having a great time together. From reluctant neighbors to friends, they were having fun and enjoying the moment as if they had known each other for ages. They enjoyed their time as if they were participating in a concert by Elvis Presley, and other guests loved their participation every bit.

Final Word

Karissa Love Hope’s story is a fun read for people of all ages. The story is full of sentiments as well. All it took was a kiss followed by text messages, dates, and, eventually, the marriage. They enjoyed each other’s company and realized that their children did so as well, and their love for Elvis Presley only cemented their feelings as a common bond.

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