Learn Texas Holdem Poker Strategies as You Play Without Risking Money

LUMBERTON, NJ, October 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — PlayGreatPoker.com, one of the top poker training sites on the internet, has launched a poker training simulator — “The Poker Coach“. This Poker Training application is designed to teach the Fundamentals of Online Texas Holdem Poker. With the Poker Coach, users learn and have fun as they play Texas Holdem Poker. This Poker Training Application enables players to master key strategies of Texas Holdem Poker without risking any money.

Playing against virtual opponents, users can ask the Poker Coach for advice when it is their turn to act. The Poker Coach will suggest an Action, Bet Size, the reasoning for the action, as well as key points players should be considering in the hand. Players can play hundreds of hands per hour allowing them to improve very quickly. The Poker Coach is a web-based application and does not require a download.

The Poker Coach is targeted, but not limited to players new to poker or online poker. The application is designed to focus on Poker Fundamentals and is based on the strategies from Mike Matteo’s Book – Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker. This training application focuses on key fundamental strategies that all winning online poker players utilize such as Starting Hands, Position, CBetting, and 3-Betting.

The application provides helpful statistics allowing users to analyze their games. These stats are targeted at the most important areas of online poker, which include key HUD Stats such as VPIP and PFR as well as a break down by position along with tracking their virtual winnings versus the other opponents.

The cost of the Poker Coach is based on a pay-what-you-want model. Users can register for unlimited access to the Poker Coach for one year and pay what they wish and only if they want to. This allows users to pay what they feel is a reasonable price if they find the poker coach useful or if they prefer, register for free.

Users can also try out the Poker Coach as a guest at no cost with no registration. Guest users will be limited to asking for the Poker Coach’s advice up to 25 times per day.

In addition to The Poker Coach, PlayGreatPoker.com offers Free Poker Games to practice Texas Holdem Poker with no registration and no download for both Ring and Tournament style games. These free games track and maintain all the players important statistics, allowing players to profile and improve their poker games.

About the Book: Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker

The poker strategies and techniques used by the Poker Coach were developed by Mike Matteo and based on his book – The Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Holdem Poker. The Poker Coach and the book are perfect for those looking to start online poker for the first time or are new to online poker and need help with techniques and strategy, as well as any online poker player interested in enhancing their Poker knowledge.

PlayGreatPoker.com – Play Great Poker, best known for its extremely popular Free Texas Holdem Poker Game, is an online resource dedicated to helping players play great poker. In addition to the Free Poker Game, the site provides users with educational resources such as articles on poker strategy, reviews for best poker books, best training sites, and best online poker tools.

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