Their name is Robert Allen.

NEW YORK, NY, June 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — This press release wants to clear up the confusion about a case of mistaken identity and to set the record straight. Robert Allen is the head of 13 Management and represents Taylor Swift. Robert Allen is President of Sha-La Music Inc. and represents US Roots Rocker DownTown Mystic. Taylor Swift is an international superstar and DownTown Mystic has managed to become one of the top sync-licensed indie artists in the world. This is about 2 men with the same name in the music business. What could possibly be confusing?

This is where the confusion occurs…people looking for Robert Allen/Taylor Swift mistakenly contact Robert Allen/Sha-La Music on LinkedIn, Facebook and send emails with requests for all kinds of things pertaining to Taylor Swift, the most famous person on the planet. The majority fall into the Charity/Tix 4 my daughter category, but with Taylor’s Eras Tour dominating reality for the past year, there’s been a noticeable bump in activity. Recent notables are 2 emails, one requesting a 1-hour interview with Taylor on National German TV to talk about the platform she has on the world stage. The other one is from the owner of Matt’s Guitar Shop in Paris, one of the most famous Guitar Shops in the world. They wanted to contact Taylor because they had just acquired an early 1970s vintage Gibson ES 335. They noticed that the serial number was one of a kind because it matched Taylor’s birthday and they wanted to give it to her. They didn’t want any publicity, they just wanted her to have it because of the serial number/birthday being unique to Taylor and the positive vibes that would come with it. How cool is that??

Robert Allen/Sha-La Music comments, “I wanted to see THAT guitar! I also felt bad because I didn’t have any contact for THAT Robert Allen. It’s kind of like being in the next room with no door.” Robert adds, “I never understood why people were contacting me, especially on LinkedIn. You would think if I was Taylor Swift’s manager it would be highlighted on my resume!” It started back in 2016 with DownTown Mystic’s most successful release at Americana Radio, DownTown Nashville. Robert picks up the story, “I had this promotional EP with a photo of an iconic landmark in Nashville on the cover. So, I thought this would be a good time to try and make some contacts there and started to call some managers and labels. These were cold calls and getting thru to anybody would be amazing. But it was weird, everybody I called answered their phone! I’m thinking, these people in Nashville were really friendly!! LOL”

Then the emails and messages started coming in for Taylor Swift and it started to dawn on Robert that there must be someone that’s connected to Taylor Swift with the same name. Robert says, “It wasn’t easy finding out if there was a Robert Allen with TS. I eventually found out she had a tour manager with that name, and his name opened doors in Nashville. When I called the companies there, the receptionists would ask me who’s calling, and I would say Robert Allen. There would be this 1-2 second silence and then they’d put me through. I made some good contacts from that.” It should be noted that Taylor has since made her Robert the head of her 13 Management, as well as her full-time manager, and he now goes by Robert G. Allen.

Meanwhile, everyone knows what Taylor Swift is doing, but in the indie world of DownTown Mystic, Sha-La recently released the Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul album and the Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul: Acoustic Sessions EP. Both releases are getting critical raves and last week, Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul was released at the Non-com/AAA Radio format with Brandon Day/Tinderbox Music heading the promotion. The Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul: Acoustic Sessions was released at Worldwide Radio via Stephen Foster/Steve’s Indie Picks. Both are off to great starts.

Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul contains 11 tracks, including the 6 core tracks that started the DownTown Mystic project—Turn Around and Go, Lost and Found, Brian Jones, Think It Over, Soul’d Out and Think a Little Louder. Americana Highways raved about the album, “DownTown Mystic will give you the hearty rock ‘n roll boost.” Like previous releases, the album features stellar musicians, including the Hall of Fame rhythm section of The E Street BandMax Weinberg & Garry Tallent, as well as Steve Holley & Paul Page from Ian Hunter’s Rant Band and PJ Farley & Steve Brown of Trixter.

The Acoustic Sessions contains 6 acoustic tracks, including 2 bonus tracks. Think A Little Louder, Soul’d Out and Dead End Space (from the RnR 4 The Soul album), and Eyes of The World, which didn’t make the album but became the lead single for it, all feature some of DownTown Mystic’s best vocals. The result is an EP with stripped-down versions of songs that showcase the songwriting. These are different from the full album versions, and one of the rarities on the EP, is the original full version of Think A Little Louder that has never been heard before. Also, the bonus track, Without A Trace, has been sync-licensed for the upcoming film Everything’s Going to Be Great starring Bryan Cranston and Allison Janney. This hopefully, puts to rest the confusion of the men behind Taylor Swift and DownTown Mystic.

“Allen’s got the tunes & the right vocal perspective to bring it all to life… bright production that provides an engaging rock aesthetic.” Americana Highways

“the sound of classic rock and roll filtered through both muscle and melody” American Songwriter

“DownTown Mystic continues to solidify its status as a leading independent artist and composer…Rock’n’Roll 4 The Soul, channels the essence of American rock ‘n’ roll…with trusted storytelling lyrics and analog recording techniques, each track resonates with depth and authenticity.” Music Connection Magazine

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Formed in 1987, Sha-La Music is an independent Publishing & Production company that includes a Record Label with worldwide digital distribution from The Orchard/Sony Music. Sha-La has scored sync success with top Music Licensing companies in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Chicago such as Jingle Punks, ole, Music of The Sea, Chop Shop Music, Bunim/Murray, Music Dealers and PlayNetwork.

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