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CHICAGO, IL, February 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you are American or are from Western Europe and you have decided that a damsel from Eastern Europe should fit your dreams better, you will love the dainty and well-mannered Ukrainian women.

Although depicted in films like ill-treated and always after money, nothing could be further from the truth because these women are full of life, good for long-term relationships and once you get to know what they expect from you and fit the bill… well, she will be yours for keeps.

But being new to the foreign dating thing, you want to do as much research as you can before making the move. For example, what can you expect when you date an African woman? Is it the same as when you date Russian women? What about western women?

Every country or region has its own ethics, culture and traditions when it comes to dating. It is your prerogative to find out what is expected of you, and what to expect from the relationship. As for the women… well, they can just sit tight and pretty and cheer our hearts. We will do all of the footwork.

Women from Ukraine are apparently the dream of hundreds of thousands of men from the west as the internet makes the world a smaller, global village. Thanks to their stunning beauty and sophistication, their house keeping skills and more good attributes, well, these are lovely women. However, you have to do your homework.

If as a man you are contemplating on dating a woman from Ukraine, here are a number of things you should expect from her when dating her.

1. She will put family first all the time

Ukrainians are traditionalists and they pay so much attention to family values. When dating a woman from Ukraine expect her to be family-oriented and she would tell you how she intends to have her own family and raise her children. She will want to know about your family too. Be ready to tell her whatever she needs to know.

2. She will be as honesty as daylight with you

Ukrainian women are totally frank once they get to trust you. They also like frank and sincere men. She will usually bombard you with questions during your dates and she will expect you to answer her honestly without being arrogant. If she notices that you are true to yourself and you do not lie to her, you will gain her respect and affection.

3. She will be hesitant in the first few days of meeting her

Which woman isn’t? When going for a girl from this country, do not expect her embrace you completely at the initial stages of the relationship. Most of them will be hesitant to even communicate openly with you.

She will take time before opening up to you about herself. She wants to be very sure that you are reliable and trustworthy before she can start to trust you. They really value the family unit and most want to be in a relationship that will lead to marriage. She will also be hesitant to introduce you to her family during the initial months of the relationship and she will only do so after about six months or more. We can presume that she takes this time to make sure that you are serious and that you are “the one.”

4. Respect for men

Apart from a few urban women, most of the Ukrainian women are well-cultured and they have been trained to honour and respect men since they were small girls. This is because in Eastern Europe, many societies have a setting where the woman raises the family, while the man goes out to earn and bring the bread home. They view respect for their men as one of the pillars of a strong relationship.

Most will not shout back at you even when quarrelling. Expect to receive a lot of respect from the woman you are dating in Ukraine but be sure to reciprocate her respect with your loyalty, love and affection.

5. She expects you to be a gentleman all round

She will always expect you to treat her with affection and respect, all the time. Always compliment her and occasionally surprise her with gifts, but doesn’t have to be anything expensive at all. When taking her out for a date, she will expect you to foot out the entire bill from food to drinks to cab fares.

6. You can expect total commitment from her

Remember what we said about Ukrainian women not being interested in short term relationships and one night stands. Of course, if that is what you are looking for, you will find it. However, when you have been on a few dates with a woman in Kiev, she starts to expect that yours will be a long-term thing.

If a short fling is what you are looking in a woman from Ukraine, just spare your time and energy because it will lead you to nowhere. What a Ukrainian woman looks for in a man is long-term commitment that will lead to marriage. When you are dating here, be sure to show her that you are serious about your relationship because all she expects in the course of the relationship is to become your loving and supporting wife.

7. She wants to cook for you

It usually takes time to prepare most of the Ukrainian cuisines. Most of the women in Ukraine are brought up being taught how to cook for their men and even if you will occasionally go out for meals, she will always insist on making you her dishes, which is a good thing.

The only negative thing with this is that meals will usually take a lot of time to prepare and cook so they cook food in big portions and eat them for a couple days without wasting anything. If you love a woman, and she goes out of her way to make you food, you want to eat it and relish it a great deal. After you have earned her trust, be ready to have your taste buds wowed out of their wits.

You can expect loyalty, commitment and honesty from Ukrainian women, but you too will have to give back the same in equal if not bigger measure.

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