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AUSTIN, TX, June 09, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — GRH Kratom, part of the Rebel Brands group of leading counterculture companies, is excited to announce the launch of GÜD Tonics, a refreshing and invigorating blend of Kava and other beneficial botanicals designed to elevate your mood and energy naturally. GÜD Tonics is the perfect non-alcoholic elixir for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional beverages while still enjoying a delightful and uplifting experience.

Why Choose GÜD Tonics?
Natural Ingredients
High-Quality: Each bottle of GÜD Tonics is meticulously crafted with 40mg MIT and 600mg kava extract.
Enhanced Effects: The formula includes black pepper extract, so you feel the benefits faster and for a longer duration.

TropiColada Flavor
Taste of the Tropics: GÜD Tonics is infused with the delightful TropiColada flavor, offering a tantalizing taste of the tropics. Each sip transports you to a paradise, providing a mini-escape from the everyday grind.

Feel the Buzz Without the Booze: GÜD Tonics provides a natural buzz, perfect for those who want to avoid alcohol. It’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking a healthy alternative that still delivers a satisfying and uplifting experience.

The Benefits of GÜD Tonics
Mood Elevation
Natural Uplift: The combination of Kava other botanicals in GÜD Tonics is designed to elevate your mood naturally, helping to combat stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Energy Boost
Sustainable Energy: Unlike energy drinks that provide a quick spike and subsequent crash, GÜD offers a smooth and sustained boost of energy, helping you stay active and engaged throughout the day.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether you’re hosting a party, relaxing at home, or enjoying an outdoor adventure, GÜD Tonics is the ideal companion. Its versatility means it fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

How to Enjoy this Euphoric Elixir?
As a Standalone Beverage
Ready to Drink: GÜD is ready to enjoy straight from the bottle. Simply chill it in the refrigerator and enjoy a refreshing drink whenever you need a boost. We recommend 2 servings per bottle.

As a Mocktail Mixer
Creative Mocktails: GÜD Tonics can be used as a base for a variety of delicious and creative mocktails. Mix it with your favorite juices, sodas, or garnishes to create a refreshing and unique drink.
Party Favorite: Serve GÜD Tonics mocktails at your next gathering to provide a healthy and enjoyable alternative for your guests. It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s sure to impress.

Where to Buy?
Convenient Shopping: TropiColada single bottles, three-packs, and 12-packs are available for purchase on our website, Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and have GÜD Tonics delivered straight to your door.
Exclusive Offers: Visit our website to take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions, ensuring you get the best value for your purchase.
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Business Inquiries: Interested in carrying GÜD Tonics at your store? Contact us for wholesale opportunities. We offer competitive pricing and support to help you introduce GÜD Tonics to your customers.

You can email us here: [email protected] for more info on wholesale or collaboration opportunities.

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