Book Shows How People Can Navigate a Broken Healthcare System to Ensure Their Health Is a Top Priority

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, December 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Autonomy: Taking Control of Your Healthcare in A Broken System (ISBN 13: 979-8985402575, R3 Health Network, 2022) by Joseph Radich, Founder and CEO of R3 Health and Medhouse has been released for worldwide distribution in paperback format. The book shows how the American healthcare system, described by leading experts as the most complicated in the world, has broken down with its chief shortcoming being patients are no longer in control of their healthcare treatment and their health. But there is an alternative, that Radich demonstrates and has put into practice that empowers patients and provides them the autonomy to take charge of their healthcare and their health. Autonomy is an easy read book that will leave the reader feeling confident on how to make the right healthcare decisions for them. It is available for the holidays in a paperback edition that retails for $17.99. A hardback and Kindle edition will be released in early 2023.

“The message in Autonomy is one that every American needs to hear – our healthcare system works for the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and regulatory agencies and against you, the patient but there is an alternative that will empower you and put you in charge of your health and healthcare,” said Joseph Radich, author of Autonomy: Taking Control of Your Healthcare in A Broken System. “I have witnessed too many people having no choice or power over their healthcare, and that is why with my clinics I sought to create an alternative that puts the power back to where it belongs with the patient.

“That is the whole concept of Autonomy and why I wrote it,” concluded Radich. “My hope is that after a person reads it, they make the changes necessary to take command of their health and live a better life.”

In Autonomy, Radich describes how the current American healthcare system is broken and corrupt. It does not allow patients the best treatments that are available that will benefit them and their health. Rather the American consumer is a loser, and the winners are insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, government oversight agencies. The treatments that are needed for many are not available in the American healthcare system as it is currently run.

Yet there is an alternative, as Radich lays out in Autonomy. It focuses on prophylactic disease prevention and health optimization rather than reactive disease management. Radich strives to educate readers on why their bodies do what they do and teach patients what they need to know to live the highest quality of life for the longest period.

Radich’s approach in Autonomy is driven by advances across medicine, both traditional medicine and the so-called “alternative” practices, and he knows it works. Radich calls the combination approach “integrative and regenerative medicine.” He has seen tens of thousands of patients turn their lives around by changing the way they think about their own health and then acting. In medical schools, students are taught the concept of “autonomy,” meaning the privilege of self-decision making. As individuals, we are blessed with many important civil liberties; however, the right to medical self-decision has fallen victim to our nation’s poorly functioning healthcare system he writes. Too many people have lost autonomy in their health journey. Autonomy seeks to change this.

About the author

Joseph Radich is the Founder and CEO of R3 Health and MedHouse, has dedicated his career to being a catalyst for change in the health and wellness field. Joe works tirelessly to instill his core values of medicine rooted in cutting-edge science, patient education, and patient empowerment in all his employees and trusted collogues – and now with you the reader.

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