What to do about mold in soil

PHILADELPHIA, PA, November 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dark and damp environments are most often where you will find mold growth. While most homeowners know to look for mold in their bathroom and basement, they should also know to look in the soil of their house plants.

If mold is spotted on the plant or in the soil, immediate action should be taken to prevent health risks and to prevent damage to the plant.

How to prevent soil mold:

Newly acquired plants should be have healthy and sterile soil. When changing soil for a plant the same applies. Homeowners should consider commercial potting soil as it has an array of nutrients for the plant.

Plants should not be over watered. If a plant is over watered mold spores can develop. A good rule to follow is to water the plant only when the top 2 inches of soil or ¼ of the total soil is dry.

Dead leaves should be removed from the pot, weeds should also be removed if the plant is an indoor/outdoor plant. Plant owners should also trim off any dead parts as well. Leaving debris in the pot can provide an environment for mold to grow.

The plant should be provided with plenty of light and air. Lots of light is essential to a plants growth and warding off mold growth. Good ventilation in the area will also prevent airborne particles from settling on the soil and spreading.

How to remove soil mold:

Soil mold is usually white and fuzzy. Any mold found within the soil should be removed with a spoon. If the soil contains a lot of mold, then the soil should be discarded, and the plant should be repotted.

Once the mold is removed then an anti-fungal solution should be added to the soil. Common household items like cinnamon and baking soda are great preventing mold from growing in soil. Plant owners should not use too much anti-fungal and it should be spread evenly over the surface.

When mold appears on the plant itself then immediate action is required. A damp paper towel can be used to be wipe off any mold on the plant. The paper towel should be rinsed and refreshed after every swipe over mold and a new paper towel should be used once all parts of it have been touched by the mold. Any leaves that still have mold on them should be cut off.

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