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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, March 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kylee is an entrepreneur, business owner, esthetician, and now, a best-selling author.

Kylee, founder of Beyond Athletica, shares her own personal struggles to help you learn that Who You Are Is a Fact. As Kylee walks you through very personal events in her own life, she makes her own hardships relatable while teaching us how to find purpose in life, forgiveness in others & freedom from our insecurities. After experiencing her book you will leave with the tools that will help you open up your purpose, learn the power of vulnerability as well as know how to truly have confidence. This is a powerful references guide to help you realize that other people’s perception of you is merely their opinion, and NOT a fact!

In reference to her message, Kylee said, “Everybody has their own edition of you, and there are so many times I’ve had to go back and say, “I know that that’s what they think, but I know who I am.” And the best way for me to figure out who I was, was to think about who I was to the core, and I think that everyone can do that, just by applying “Who I am is a fact” versus what somebody else has to say.” Kylee’s message helps us recognize ourselves and hone in on our ability to disregard what other’s opinions are, which helps us all find strength in our day to day lives.

Steve Kidd, the host of Thriving Entrepreneur Radio show said, “It is an amazing book, and I really encourage you to pick up a copy on Amazon today. Finding positives in life, learning new ways to reassure ourselves, lift ourselves up, there isn’t enough value placed on that. Your belief in you is a power like none other.”

Kylee Blehm is the founder and designer of Beyond Athletica, an athletic wear line for the modern day women. In her book ‘Who you are is a fact’ Kylee sends a relatable message of purpose, forgiveness, self-awareness & integrity through a compilation of personal struggles and hardships. Through her transformational message you will leave with a fresh perspective, serious self-respect & empowerment to follow your dreams.

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