Roberta Grimes, author, lawyer and afterlife expert has joined with Dr. R. Craig Hogan, a leading expert in the afterlife. Their new education resource,, presents definitive evidence that you are a spiritual being who will never die.

AUSTIN, TX, October 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Hogan is widely recognized as a leading expert on the afterlife and afterlife communication. Craig is the co-founder and president of the nonprofit Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. (AREI). His eight books, videos, blogs, and presentations teach the realities of this life and the afterlife. He and Roberta Grimes formed Seek Reality Online to help people understand the truth about this life and the afterlife.

“There is nothing else in the world like,” Roberta explains. “We are confident that this new education resource will finally show the world what we have long known to be true: science and religion are all wrong about reality. There is no death, and there are no dead! All our loved ones simply move to a different channel.” She smiles.

Roberta and Craig liken reality to a television with thousands of channels. Dying is as easy as changing from channel two to channel five. Everyone else that we love changes the channel with us in time, so we live on happily together in our afterlives within the new channel.

If the mysteries of death and what lies beyond the death of the body have worried you or kept you awake at night, then Seek Reality will give you the reassuring comfort of knowing without a doubt that you will never die!

We caught up once again with Roberta Grimes, joined by Dr. Hogan.

Roberta concluded, “You, dear reader, will soon realize the truth for yourself.”

TSR News Group: We’ve got a whole lot of ground to cover this time. So, we’ll jump right into it. First question for Dr. Hogan. In the last interview, Roberta Grimes described you as the leading afterlife expert on the planet. She also went on to say, and I quote, “I write books in this field for people who need the information urgently. But when people look for someone who uses footnotes in his books, Dr. Hogan uses footnotes. Let’s just say that’s the difference,” unquote. Do you agree with that, Dr. Hogan?

Dr. R. Craig Hogan: Yes, I do. Roberta’s style is so conversational and wonderful. That’s easy reading, it’s easy to understand, and enjoyable reading. And that’s a real strength of her style. My style is to go back to the original sources. And I will use them as the format, as the source, and then I will help people to understand, based upon the sources. So, I have all of the sources with the citation so that people know where it’s coming from. Everything that we talk about is coming from our understanding that we receive from the people on the other side of this life. We don’t take anything from a religion. We don’t do it from intuition or guesses. Everything that we have has a notation there is somebody speaking from the life after this life who has said something. And Roberta then explains that very clearly for people without the citations. And then I also explain it, but I have the citations, quotations, and all of the information that people would need if they wanted to go back out and look at those sources and find out for sure. But everything that we do is based upon real sources that are living in the life after this life right now.

TSR News Group: Excellent. Well, it’s two very different approaches, but equally useful ones. And so, that’s what makes a great partnership, of course. How did the two of you begin this partnership? How did you begin working together? What started the collaboration, and when?

Dr. Hogan: Well, Roberta and I had met, she actually had read my book, ‘Your Eternal Self’. And she was interested in the book and found that it gave her insights. And so, she wanted to bring those to the congregation she was with in Texas, so then we arranged for me to fly down and I spoke to the congregation and that was the beginning of it. We have been together in many partnerships and doing many endeavors ever since then. It all just keeps getting better and better.

TSR News Group: That’s wonderful. So, what are the early life experiences that made you realize you weren’t seeing the afterlife in the same way, necessarily, as everybody else.

Dr. Hogan: I was drawn into it. I was not a person who had any specific beliefs. Early in my life, I was actually a professor in the Department of Christian Ministries at Wheaton College, in the graduate school. But I left that behind, because I wasn’t finding any satisfaction and the religions weren’t answering questions that I had. And so, I left it behind and had nothing then for decades. And then I started having psychics come into my life, people who were saying things that showed that there’s a greater reality. There’s something more out there than what we see. And they knew about it. And I realized that there are genuine psychic abilities people have that show that this reality that we see is only a small piece of what’s real.

And so, then I found out that I have some psychic abilities. I have remote viewing abilities. I can sit in my office and remove view something thousands of miles away and make sketches of it and give it to the person. And I found out I have psychometric ability. I could hold things in my hand and get information about them. And then after I realized that this world is not at all what it appears to be, when we wake up in the morning and look around and see, that’s not the whole world. And as a result of that, then I started delving into the afterlife. And the fact that since this is not the real world, there must be more of it. And if there’s more of it, we must live in it.

And so, I started finding out more about the afterlife. And the more I found out, the more I realized the reality, what we had thought was true about life, and life after this life, and death, those things were not true. They were fictions. The real, the reality is much more glorious than we could have ever imagined. And so, the more I looked into it, the more I delved into it, the more I became fascinated by it, I realized the truth. And the truth has made a great difference in my life. And I want to bring that difference out to everybody else in the entire universe.

TSR News Group: That’s amazing. Now, Dr. Hogan, you say that nearly all of our deaths are part of a process that was planned even before we were born. Please explain how that’s possible. Who makes those decisions and how were they made?

Dr. Hogan: We know that our lives were, in broad strokes, planned before we were born. Our souls, who are connected with the higher-self, made part of what we have, what we have in our lives. Other parts came from other people who would be engaged with us in our lives, from guides, angels, and even some higher order beings, depending upon what it is. So, we know that our lives were planned, but it doesn’t mean that we’re predetermined, in other words, we didn’t have to follow a script, we don’t have to do the things that we do now. We have free will. We can choose to do whatever we want to do. We have a general guidance in our lives. And we have circumstances come to us, our families, the people we meet, the jobs that we take, all of these things that were planned. And within those, then we’re able to make choices and make as much of our lives as we want to make of them.

And so, we know that our lives are planned. And I’d recommend anybody read any of Rob Schwartz’s books, ‘Your Soul’s Plan’ and ‘Your Soul’s Gifts’, they’re ideal for understanding this. But it is really full of heartening messages, and the reason is that what seems to be so awful at times, the challenges that we can hardly overcome, the tragedies that leave us weeping, all of those things were intended to help us to grow, to become all that we can become to grow in love in compassion, and to enjoy our lives with each other. And if we realize that they really are part of a plan, they are for our benefit, then we can regard them differently, and we can grow from them.

TSR News Group: Beautifully said. My goodness. Now, how does dying and changing those channels actually feel to the dying person?

Dr. Hogan: When we go through the process of the death of the body—and it’s just a death of the body, there is no death, there are no dead—we continue to live and we’re on a spiritual plane now. We’re just going through a time in our spiritual lives when we are learning lessons, and then we will go on from this plane into the next. It’s like going into graduate school when we go on to the next stage of our lives. But we do have to have a point at which the body ceases to function and allows us to go from this life into the next life. And because, on the earth plane, everything has a reason for it. We have the sun to give us warmth. But in the next life, there’s no need for a sun. But in this life, we have reasons for everything.

So, the body has to stop functioning so that we can move on to the next life and there are all kinds of ways that it happens. Every one of those then is what we call a death. But it isn’t a death. It’s just a transition. So, what we’re doing then is changing channels. So, what we do at that point is we change from channel two over to channel four, and we go on and continue with watching what it is that we know is true. We don’t forget what came before. We still are the same person when we transitioned over. Now, that transition, though, is very easy. People will remark from the other side when they speak to us. They remark about how easy it was. They were here, and then they were there, and there was nothing to it! And if a person is in a tragedy, such as an accident, they’re taken out of the accident setting before the accident happens. So, they don’t have to experience the pain from the accident.

And so, then, the transition is just a very easy transition. It’s like going to sleep and you just don’t even notice it, and all of a sudden you’re someplace else, and it’s this wonderful world. And there you are! And you don’t have to worry about that transition. It’s already done.

TSR News Group: Fear seems to be the main thing that stands in the way of us properly understanding death. We live in a society where we can demand answers about just about anything. And more often than not, we get those answers. Yet, death as a concept eludes so many of us. Why is that? And how can we change it?

Dr. Hogan: It’s very unfortunate. What has happened in the history of humankind, and especially in the West, is that religion dominated our thoughts all the way up until the 17th century. In the 17th century, then, the discoveries that were made by science left scientists with assuming that they could discover everything, that there was no need for any God, there was no need for spirituality. And so, they threw out the whole thing. They threw out all of the inner workings, our thoughts, our spiritual beliefs, our understanding about the greater reality. And they even threw out God and said, “That’s nonsense. Don’t believe that.”

So, we started off with ignorance, because the church was teaching us things that were not true either. We went into this, and it became forbidden to think about anything other than the physical realm. We haven’t then had a chance to grow spiritually out of either the church or science, what it’s been telling us. So, now, for the first time, we’re beginning to grow out of all of that. And we’re doing that by discovering, in the same way that in science we discovered things in the 17th through the 21st centuries, we have discovered marvelous things in science. Now we are discovering marvelous things about death and the afterlife, primarily by developing better means of communication with people that we used to think were dead.

And so, now we are having another revolution. And this revolution is going to be glorious! Because once it’s done, we will be able to live together in love, peace, and joy. This is the revolution that will be the revolution of all revolutions.

TSR News Group: Does, the new program, cover all of this that you’re saying? Or is there… I’m sure there’s more to it, but does it cover everything? Is it all-encompassing? Tell us about the program?

Dr. Hogan: Yeah, it covers everything. What we want to do is we want people to understand what we know. We have no fear of death. We know where we’re going to be going. We know what it’s like in the life after this life. We know what the transition from this life is like. We know how people could live together now in love, peace, and joy. We know all of that. And what we want to do is to share that with people—the more people that we can, the better. So, our goal, when we put Seek Reality online together, was to reach as many people as possible with the truth about their lives, and where they’re going to go, and what their lives could be like, and then watch them become joyous. Watch them smile from ear to ear because they’ve finally realized it. And we get the emails back from them saying, “I’m so happy that I chanced upon this. It’s made a real difference in my life.” And that’s what we want to do. We want to make a difference in people’s lives.

And eventually, if we keep doing that with people, eventually humankind is going to change and we’ll see a new humankind. And that is a lofty goal, but it’s an attainable goal. We can do it, and in large part, because we’re receiving great assistance from those on the other side, they want to see humankind change. They want to see us happy. They want to see us in a position where we understand and we know we have no fear of death, and we’re enjoying our lives. Because even though we have challenges, we will overcome them with their help.

TSR News Group: Right. Of course. Now, does the process itself works smoothly for everyone or does anyone ever go off track? And if they do, then what happens to them?

Dr. Hogan: Life is messy. And there are no simple answers. We all go off track. So, in other words, we were all feeling our way through life and trying to make the best we can have it. We have tragedies and we have challenges and our lives are not smooth. Nobody’s life is smooth. If you go back and look at people like Albert Einstein who went through terrible periods of time in his life, you realize that everyone goes through those periods of time. What happens then is we have a life plan, so we do have a general direction for our lives. It’s a messy process. We go through that messy process, and we grow and we become, and we find ways of really enjoying life. But then we go off track. We go and we can just mess things up. We can screw up with the plan what was intended for us. Or, all the joys that could be coming to us, we reject them because we have a tendency to feel like we must have things happen for us outside of us. People have to give us things. They have to be different. They have to treat us differently. As a result of that, then we can go off track and we can make ourselves miserable.

But we make ourselves miserable. It’s an activity that we perform. And we can then change that. We can come back on track. And one of the ways that we do that is our guides, and our souls then will help us. They’re open to helping us, and if we just look forward and look out from inside this shell that we’re in, this physical realm that we’re in, then we can grow out of that. We can come into the joyous results, a joyous triumph over the challenges. And so, we can put ourselves back on track. And those who are with us who are guides, our souls will help us to get back on track. We can always be free of the understanding of the fact that they are going to be helping us. And all we have to do is be confident that they will be there for us.

TSR News Group: Right, right. It’s a complex point, but it sounds so simple, the way you deliver it. It sounds so logical. And I guess that’s part of your genius, Dr. Hogan. You are considered generally to be the foremost expert in the afterlife field, thanks in no small part to your prolific output. What would you say is the best starting point for somebody looking to get into your work?

Dr. Hogan: Yeah, I would say start off with the most recent book that I’ve written, which is ‘The Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die’. Because that has all of the evidence that we have today. And it’s evidence that it is so profound, that many people have difficulty—even in our field, even the people who are beginning to understand this, have difficulty—accepting it. Because it’s like, “Well, this is so real. This is an answer to the questions.” But if everybody will look through it and go through the book, there are 15 chapters with 15 different types of evidence that we live on after the body dies. If people will go through the book and read the book, then that will give them a firm understanding of the fact that we are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. And then we will continue to live after the body dies. So, I would say to start with that book.

The second book then, is ‘Answers to Enduring Questions’ and it has answers to questions about the whole process, all the way from the pre-birth planning when we plan our lives, through our birth, and what happens as we grow in the earth realm, how we have to then deny what we learned, we have to throw off the shackles of what we learned. Then we have to grow in spiritual understanding and knowledge and wisdom, and then we will come to the point at which we make our transition. We graduate, and we go on. And then the book ‘Answers to Enduring Questions’ has a description of what life is like… in the life after this life. So, I’d recommend that as the second book.

TSR News Group: Both ‘Answers to Enduring Questions’ and ‘Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die’ are very direct and admittedly appealing titles. They promise some pretty big things, both of them. How do you backup promises like that? What is the evidence?

Dr. Hogan: The evidence is from the people speaking from the other side of life. So, all the evidence comes from statements that are coming through mediums, and through other means that come from people who are living in the life after this life. They’ve gone through the transition. They know what that’s like. And every one of them, after they’ve gone through the transition, they speak to us and say, “You don’t need to fear the death of the body. It’s an easy transition. There’s no need to worry about what’s going to be happening. Everything is happening for your best interests.” And so, all of the information that we have, it comes from these sources.

That’s the reason that we’re so confident in them. It’s not as though we’re a religion that we had growing up in a culture—and there are 4,200 world religions today! So, they’ve grown up in different cultures, and they have different thoughts and different beliefs. It’s not as though it’s coming from somebody as an intuition or a group guru, who sits down and kind of dreams things up, they just come to him. These are all things that are coming from people living in the life after this life, through mediums. And they’re all corroborated. So, we have more than one person from the life after this life who are saying this. And then as more people come through, we get all the same conclusions, the same information. We know that this is true, because we receive it repeatedly! When the next person then goes over into the life after this life, they communicate back to us and say, “You remember what I told you about this? Well, that’s all true and it’s much better than I ever thought it was going to be.”

So, we keep getting these conversations with people we know who have made their transition, and they’re telling us the same things the other people have. And so, we have now, we have the volumes, we have the library of information about this life, to transition from this life to the next life. And it’s all marvelous.

TSR News Group: I bet that silences a lot of skeptics and naysayers as well.

Dr. Hogan: It does. It’s very difficult for people to make that transition, because we were raised to believe that there is nothing but matter and energy.

TSR News Group: Yes.

Dr. Hogan: And that came out of the fact that we do have a separation of church and State in the United States. But the fact is that we do have a church that is the State church, and that church is materialism. That church is the scientific materialist. Now, not all scientists are materialists. But we shouldn’t assume that they all have this belief system. They don’t. Many scientists who delve into it now realize the truth, that materialism is a religion and people believe it. It’s out of a religious belief that it’s a prejudice that they have. But then we are grown up to believe it. We’re taught that in school. We’re taught that in society. We’re taught that as we watch television. So, it’s very difficult for most people to understand these truths, We’re starting to get through to them, finally.

TSR News Group: Amazing. Now, I’m wondering, what do you think that a world free of the fear of death would look like? What could be accomplished in a world like that?

Dr. Hogan: If we had no fear of death, if we understood the fact that we then will make a transition, and that we’re right now, in earth school, we’re right now here to learn lessons and we’re here to grow in love and compassion, and we’re here to enjoy ourselves. If all people realized that that was true, they would be more concerned about other people than themselves. So, each one of us would be more concerned about making sure that the people around us were feeling good about themselves and had all of their needs taken care of. And if that were true, if everybody had that feeling, then we would have heaven on earth. Then we would have a life in which people were taking care of each other. There would be none of the heinous things that are part of our life now. There would be no conflicts. There would be no wars. And it’s all possible. It all could be happening right now. Jesus, in the Gospel of Thomas said, “The kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the face of the earth, and men do not see it.” And what he was saying is, the kingdom of heaven is something which we all have. We know that it’s here. We could be in at night now, but we’re choosing not to.

TSR News Group: Right.

Dr. Hogan: We’re choosing to be self-absorbed. And we’re choosing to have conflict with other people. And we’re choosing to invade other people’s countries. All of these things that we see happening in the world today are things that we’re choosing to do. We could as easily choose to do other things. We could as easily choose to love, to be compassionate, and be concerned about other people, to take care of all the people around us. So, it would be possible if we had no fear of death, and we realized that that is just a transition to the next realm of our lives, then we would be able to treat other people differently. We would be able to love them. And they would reciprocate. They would love us back. And that bond of love and reciprocation of love would result in a wonderful world full of love, peace, and joy. And that’s the goal. That’s what we want to have happen.

TSR News Group: And it does seem attainable. You mentioned earlier that these are lofty goals, but attainable ones, and I see what you mean. If everybody could get on the same page, it’s within reach, for sure.

Dr. Hogan: Yes, yes, it is. And not only that, but everyone is motivated by this need to be loved.

TSR News Group: Yes.

Dr. Hogan: That’s the prime motivation, “I need to be loved.” Even those who were the terrorists who were then blowing themselves up, they were sacrificing themselves, when we look at their backgrounds, we find out that they’re doing that because they want to be accepted by part of the group that they’re in. They need that acceptance. They need that feeling of love. Their parents who are sacrificing them, they’re the same way, they need to be part of the group. They need to feel like they’re loved by the group. And so, because society is expecting and saying, “If you want to be loved, you’ve got to do this. You’ve got to send your sons into war.” And if society is saying that, then the people will do it, because they need to be loved. And it all comes down to that everyone has that need. It’s just that we work it out in different ways. People have different strategies, and many of these are maladaptive. They are dysfunctional strategies. And if we just had different strategies to get to the same goal that we have, we want to be loved. And we realize that we can be loved if we show love for other people, if we have a high regard for them, and have compassion, and then we will receive that love. And we just have to get people to the point at which they believe that and realize that and practice that and see it happening in their lives and they know that it’s true.

TSR News Group: So, how does something like social media factor into that? Because so much of social media seems to be all about people wanting to be loved. I imagine that’s detrimental to the greater goal here.

Dr. Hogan: Yeah. It actually is the fact that people need desperately to be loved that’s creating the problem for social media. Because the way that they’re getting that feeling of being loved is maladaptive. They are on social media, and they will then look to see how many likes they got today. And if somebody unfriends them, then they’ll become devastated because of it. Or they receive criticism from the trolls. And all of these things are still based on that need to be loved. That’s why the social media are so strong, especially for young people today. They see an instant way of gratification, an instant way of feeling love, “All I have to do is do this, and the people are going to give me lots of likes, and I’m going to feel loved.” And that’s maladaptive. That’s dysfunctional. Because of the fact that we’re allowing them to do this, and they’re living in a world that is not real, the basis of their world is not a reality.

And so, they’re taken out of the real world in which they could have relationships, they could form the relationships that will give them love. They are instead going to the social media, which is not a real world, and then that world is dysfunctional. And so, as a result of that, then they’re actually losing love. They’re actually feeling unloved. And many of them are committing suicide as a result of that. So, the social media has a potential for helping people to have greater love, but it is not functioning that way now. And it really does need to be curbed in some way so that we still have free will and freedom of speech, but we have to curb some of what happens with children, especially with the social media.

TSR News Group: Let me give you a quote here, “Death is the irreversible termination of biological functions that define a living organism.” This is the common academic definition, for lack of a better term, of death that appears all over the internet. Let’s discuss what’s right and what’s wrong with this definition.

Dr. Hogan: The definition is entirely right. That is exactly what happens. So, the death is the cessation of the body’s functions. So, we know that that’s true. The problem is that people don’t realize that they are not the body. We are not in the body. We are not the body. We are using the body. The body is helping us to have functions in earth school, and as we’re in earth school, then this is an opportunity for us to love and grow and become wise. And so, we then come into earth school in using a body so that we can see where each other is. And then we can interact with each other through these bodies. And we can have these times on earth that will enable us to grow in the way that we need to grow. But then after a while, then we just drop off the body. It’s like taking off an old overcoat that you hang in the hall closet, and when it’s tattered and worn, and you don’t need it anymore, you throw it away.

And same thing with the body, the body does cease to function. That is, in fact, what bodily death is. But we were never the body. And as a result of that, we just continue on happily. And the people who have transitioned to the next round of life say, “I didn’t even notice that. I don’t know what happened. I was here, and then I was there. And there was nothing to it.” And so, it is something which will happen easily for us. The body will die. We also know that the body is separate from us when a person is, for instance, in convulsions within the final hours of their life, when it seems like they’re in terrible pain and they are comatose. That body is functioning, that body is then is doing things, but the person is not there. The person is not in the body. The body has all of those functions that have been entirely separate. So, the person is not feeling pain. They’re already out of the body. And we know that to be true from the reports that we receive from people who are living in the next life who went through that. Their bodies were the bodies that were shaking and were in pain. And they said, “I wasn’t there. I had already gone on.” So, the body dies, but we never die.

TSR News Group: Wow. That’s powerful. There is one part of the quote, “the functions that define a living organism” and I wonder, in terms of defining an organism, do you take that to mean that the personality dies with the organism? Or does it not?

Dr. Hogan: Yeah, the difficulty is that we’ve been taught, and we were taught since children that our minds are in our bodies. We are taught that our minds are in our brains, and that when the brain dies, then the person dies. And that somehow, they are united as one thing. And it’s not true. The mind is not in the brain. My books, ‘Your Eternal Self’ primarily, which was my first book, demonstrates the fact that we have never been part of the body. We are not in the brain. Our minds are not in the brain. And as a result of that, what happens to the body has no effect upon us. It is though we’re just overcoats, so we can take that off not have to worry about what happens to it. It’s only the fact that we were taught as children that we are the body, that we believe that that’s true now, and that somehow even people who are interested in this sort of thing and understanding, even they have difficulty at times realizing that we’re not the body, and what happens to the body has nothing, no effect on us. Our personalities are in our minds.

TSR News Group: Yes.

Dr. Hogan: And so, the flesh, the muscles, the bones, the sinew that is part of the body have nothing to do with personality. They don’t even have anything to do with things like color. Color and touch, sound. Color doesn’t exist in the physical realm. Sound doesn’t exist in the physical realm. These are things, there are vibrations that come through the air, but the vibrations don’t make sounds, and they don’t receive the sounds until we receive them as our mind, as the person whom we are. When they come to our mind, then they come to us and we interpret them as sounds. We understand what the sounds are. The sights, there are no colors in the physical realm. It’s just masses of atoms. But when they come into our minds, then colors come into our mind. Everything that we’ve experienced, that is our personality, and our experiences are all happening in the mind. None of them are happening in the body.

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