DETS BIKE Pro: The world’s 1st metaverse indoor cycling game

NEW YORK, NY, November 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stereotype is dangerous yet powerful. People often have preconceived notions about exercise, such that it is uninteresting and exhausting. To break this stereotype and help people to enjoy their workout sessions, many have tried to find the solution in various types of methods.

Now, an indoor gaming bike is ready to provide a solution and launched on Kickstarter.

DETS BIKE Pro, which is the world’s first indoor metaverse gaming bike, provides users to experience their “PUDDING RUSH” game developed by DETS FITNESS. This allows users to exercise with an indoor bike and enjoy the game simultaneously.

Users may enjoy indoor cycling while playing games on a total of 28 stages. It has four gaming modes, including Adventure Mode, Training Mode, Multi-Mode, and Boss Raid Mode.

In addition, the “PUDDING RUSH” game will not only provide 28 stages but will be updated regularly with new content, allowing users to play it for free and ensure that they may continue to enjoy this exciting workout in the future.

With the controller linked to the handlebar of DETS BIKE Pro, you may play these various types of games. DETS FITNESS, a company which developed DETS BIKE Pro also developed this controller and has submitted a patent application to the USPTO.

Another feature that makes DETS BIKE Pro even more exceptional is that it allows users to be connected to the metaverse platform called “DETS TOWN”. More than a thousand people can connect to the server simultaneously.

Users will farm the items from “PUDDING RUSH” and use them to make their own avatars. In DETS TOWN, they can chat with each other and also able to communicate with the voice chat.

One of the significant benefits of DETS BIKE Pro is that it enables users to monitor their current physical condition and training history while enjoying various contents.

The handle has a sensor that can detect heart rate and the force exerted to the pedal assesses the intensity of the exercise. These will be all recorded in the profile, so the user can check his/her stamina and average amount of exercise.

It is getting a lot of attention since it is the first indoor bike which provides online game on the metaverse platform. The developer, DETS FITNESS, stated, “We developed the concept of gamification when considering how to provide the strongest motivation to exercise. With our new concept, DETS BIKE Pro was created by conducting numerous exercise-related tests. We hope our indoor bike to reduce the stress and promote wellness to the users around the world.”

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