A 24-Hour Virtual Marathon Showcasing Global Talent in the Sickle Cell Community

GLENDALE, CA, June 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation (Cayenne Wellness Center), led by Executive Director Carolyn Rowley, and the Sickle Cell Community Consortium (SC3), led by Executive Director Dr. Lakiea Bailey, are proud to announce the 5th Annual 24-hour global event in honor of World Sickle Cell Day in 2024. This virtual marathon will take place from June 19, 2023, from 12:00 am EST through 11:59 pm EST. The marathon will share different people’s talents within the sickle cell community globally and provide education and entertainment.

The World Sickle Cell Day 2024 event aims to unite participants worldwide, emphasizing the global significance of this genetic blood disorder. “Our World Sickle Cell Day marathon is an opportunity to raise global awareness about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait, and to provide education and support for individuals and families affected by this condition,” stated Dr. Carolyn Rowley. Building on our previous efforts to highlight the universal nature of sickle cell disease, we seek to communicate further that even though our collective community may encounter significant health challenges and losses, we are a collective of exceptionally talented individuals who continue to use our creative genius to build programs and initiatives for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) communities at large and the individuals within them. This year, we are dedicated to providing educational content while infusing many entertainment elements.

In addition to presenting outstanding talent, the event will include a gaming segment led by “PHILSpecialMeter” on the Twitch platform, with the objective of generating $7,000 in seven days for Cayenne Wellness Center. The Sickle Cell Community Consortium is also currently welcoming online donations. Additionally, participants and attendees are urged to support both 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations during the entirety of the marathon event.

Registration for the 4th Annual World Sickle Cell Day 2023 24-Hour Sickle Cell-A-Thon is now open. For more information and to register, visit https://www.sicklecellday.com.

This year’s event theme is “Hope Through Progress: Advancing Sickle Cell Care Globally,” emphasizing the ongoing efforts to strengthen, support, and elevate care for individuals affected by sickle cell disease worldwide. As we look ahead to World Sickle Cell Day 2024, we invite you to join us on this momentous occasion. “The 24-hour Sickle Cell-A-Thon is a wonderful opportunity to learn about sickle cell disease and to hear from sickle cell patients and caregivers worldwide. This community is vibrant, engaging, funny, and powerful. We invite the greater community to join us to meet this wonderful group,” said Dr. Lakiea Bailey, Executive Director of the Sickle Cell Community Consortium. We will celebrate the strength and resilience of the sickle cell community and endeavor to raise global awareness for this critical cause. Together, let’s champion progress and advocate for enhanced sickle cell care internationally.

About the Sickle Cell Community Consortium

The Sickle Cell Community Consortium harnesses the power of the patient voice to drive significant and sustainable change within the sickle cell community. The Sickle Cell Community Consortium (SC3), a non-profit founded in 2014, continues to be of service to people of the community, patients and caregivers, and professionals alike in order to educate and spread awareness for the general public to empathize with and show support. Taking into account the need for advocates to gain valuable and transferable skills, SC3 hosts regular classes though their online platform, Warrior University, as well as placing importance on networking with others to accomplish change together.

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Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease in California. Cayenne Wellness Center and Children’s Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 2000, remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease in California. Through expert, unbiased, and comprehensive care, the center provides education and awareness for healthcare providers, patients, and the general public, as well as maintaining a resilient grassroots network of individuals and institutions and advocating for people with sickle cell disease. Follow Cayenne Wellness Center’s journey and get involved through its website, social media platforms, and YouTube channel.

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