Barbara Taber, Ed.D, acclaimed educator, author and commentator, is back with the third installment of Cold Civil War, the mini-series within her acclaimed Take It Or Leave It podumentary.

SUFFOLK, VA, October 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — As we get closer to 2022’s midterm elections, the issues important to Americans everywhere are becoming more and more evident. There is a line in the sand, as the saying goes, and on either side of it, two halves of the populace seem to be moving farther into their respective corners. To vax or not to vax? To defund or not to defund? To “Trump” or not to “Trump”? These are ideological lines, to be sure, and making sense of it all can be a daunting task.

Enter Dr. Barbara Taber, esteemed educator, writer and host of the acclaimed Take It Or Leave It podumentary. The show has broken down boundaries time and time again, making a name for itself in the politics/current events corner of the internet. Presently, Take It Or Leave It is right in the middle of a particularly ambitious undertaking—Cold Civil War, a mini-series within the main series, focusing on the issues of the day that are bringing people together and dividing them in equal measure.

“The stakes are so high right now, it really can’t be overstated,” explains host, Dr. Barbara Taber. “Think about where we were just three years ago, and the absolute chaos that was going on. Unless you want to go back to that, really give some serious thought to who gets your vote in a few weeks.”

Just because Dr. Taber has a lot to say doesn’t mean she’s all talk, and as usual, she puts her proverbial money where her mouth is, sounding off on some of today’s most important (and divisive) issues. Her three main areas of focus in this riveting, third installment of Cold Civil War are as follows: a woman’s right to choose, crime and violence, and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search along with the subsequent fallout.

Handling each topic with her trademark no-nonsense style, Dr. Taber tears down partisan lines and urges viewers to simply view these matters with a logical eye and a healthy dose of skepticism and common sense. This is no surprise at all, as it’s how she’s made a name for herself, whether as an educator, a podcaster or simply in her day-to-day life.

“It’s not complicated, what I do,” confesses Dr. Taber. “I look at these situations in very clear terms, like ‘Who’s doing good and who’s doing bad?’ … ‘Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?’ … I believe a big part of the battle is being able to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once you’ve got that down, the rest is easy.”

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