Department of Defence and the veteran Administration have spent billions in the past 20 years and employed an army or counselors to stop the suicide problem.

DETROIT, MI, October 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Pentagon has been spending billions of dollars and employing an army of counselors to try to slow and hopefully stop the rash of suicides that are plaguing service members and veterans.

Since 9/11 more vets have committed suicide than all the dead from gulf war 1 and 2, Vietnam, and Korea put together. Ten years from now that number will be more than all men killed in all wars since WWI.

This man is a retired 1st SGT and green beret who has seen 3 wars come and go. He recovered from being seriously wounded in Iraq in 2004. He keeps a bag of dog tags to remind him of all the men he pulled back from death. His story and the work he is doing is extraordinary at worst and impossible at best, but he is accomplishing a mission our government can’t touch with billions of dollars and an army or counselors.

Why has the world not heard of this man? It’s time to correct this oversight.

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