This unique 5S Workplace Organization Video Training Program used by Heineken, Nestle and Royal FrieslandCampina is now also available for small and medium sized companies!

UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS, July 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — This brand new website will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals and small businesses. Paul Bekkers founder and owner of TPF Europe: “This is by far the quickest and easiest way to learn 5S Workplace Organization you will find on the market. We expect tremendous sales through our convenient, user-friendly new website. Many businesses are looking for this kind of solution. With our Online training and certification program many business owners and entrepreneurs will now be able to train their employees efficiently.”

The complete Program consists of seven steps and a certification test: 1. Introduction/Survey 2. Workplace Analysis, 3. Sorting 4. Setting in Order 5. Shining 6. Standardizing, 7. Stimulating and Sustaining. Each individual step consists of one or more 3 – 10 minutes training videos. The Sorting step teaches how to distinguish and what to do with items that are used frequently and items that are used less frequently. “Setting in Order” teaches how to assess the best place for each of the items and tools including items which are rarely used. “Shining” teaches the importance of daily activities in order to keep the working place and its’ tools in good condition – ready for use. The last two steps explain which agreements need to be made: which are the tasks and what is the right frequency? And what do we need to do them effectively? Several practical examples for each of the steps are available as downloadable files. This unique Online 5S Workplace Organization Video Training Program is a very effective way to learn 5S Workplace Organization, and how to put it into practice.

Since this training is now available online one can access it 24/7 globally via Online 5S Training Videos and 5S Certification as well as 5S Online Training Videos and through eliminating the lean 7 wastes.

Customers like Fred Waij, Heineken Breweries say: “This training package has helped us enormously to implement 5S in a structural manner and to get all the operators and management team enthusiastic about it.”

A great feature of this training is that after completion of the training an online 5S certification test can be done. The certificate can be published on Linkedin.

TPF Europe is an expert in the field of Operational Excellence and we offer the best quality deal in the market: the best services and full client satisfaction. TPF Europe has been established in the year 2000 by Paul Bekkers to provide best services in the field of Operations Management and Operational Excellence. We also offer online solutions to fulfil specific training needs.

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