GRE Alpha Returning to EnOcean Alliance Japan Event

GAINESVILLE, GA, November 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — GRE Alpha is excited to announce that we’ll participate in the 2022 EnOcean Alliance Japan Event on December 1st. The event will occur at the Haneda Innovation City K-Zone 2nd Floor Hall B&C.

What is the EnOcean Alliance?

Founded in 2008, the EnOcean Alliance is a 500-member, non-profit organization that is committed to promoting and enabling interoperable ecosystems using a maintenance-free radio standard. With over 5,000 product variants built on 1,500 basic products, the EnOcean Alliance continues to innovate and provide solutions for customers. EnOcean Alliance members strive to co-create a healthy, safe, sustainable environment in smart homes, smart buildings and smart spaces.

GRE Alpha’s Showcase at the Japan Event

As an EnOcean partner, GRE Alpha has created innovative solutions in tandem with the EnOcean Alliance. One product born from the EnOcean-GRE Alpha partnership is the ENO-DIM EnOcean Wireless LED Dimming Module—it allows for smooth, flicker-free dimming of lighting fixtures using EnOcean-certified energy harvesting wireless switches.

This series of dimming modules from GRE Alpha complies with the latest EnOcean protocols, with support frequencies for Japan 928MHz, North American 902MHz, and Europe & China 868MHz.

The ENO-DIM also features the following:

• Wide range DC input

• Wireless dimming with integrated EnOcean module

• A spring-loaded terminal for easy installation

• Up to 97% efficiency

We’ll be showcasing this dimming module (along with some other EnOcean products) at the event. There, we’ll be able to demonstrate its effectiveness and answer any questions from our audience.

Meeting With Colleagues and Customers

Beyond showcasing our products, our favorite part of participating in these events is networking with other industry professionals and meeting our valued customers.

The EnOcean Alliance event in Japan is another opportunity for us to collaborate—while we love the chance to demonstrate our innovative solutions, we always look forward to answering questions, addressing concerns, and learning from each other.

As always, we look forward to seeing everyone there. You can find the registration form here if you want to register for the event.

GRE Alpha® Electronics, Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of solid-state lighting power supplies and lighting control accessories, which are the lifeblood of indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. Their superior performance products are the power behind LED lighting systems. GRE’s unique modular approach allows its dimming modules and drivers to be used either with used in either new or existing installations.

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