Jeong-jo Kim, CEO of E&X Korea, the organizer, said, “The rechargeable battery industry is attracting attention as a key means of a sustainable future amid the global trend of eco-friendliness.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The secondary battery materials, parts, and equipment exhibition (K-BATTERY SHOW 2022) will be held from August 31 (Wed) to September 3 (Sat), 2022 at the KINTEX 2 exhibition hall in Goyang City.

At the opening ceremony (August 31) to commemorate the opening of the first K-BATTERY SHOW, the organizer, E&X Korea Chairman Choong-han Kim, CEO Jeong-jo Kim, and Korea EV Engineers Association Vice-President Jeong-guk Do, KINTEX Vice President Jong-geun Park and K-BATTERY SHOW Committee Representative Lee-Kyu Moon attended.

Jeong-jo Kim, CEO of E&X Korea, the organizer, said, “The rechargeable battery industry is attracting attention as a key means of a sustainable future amid the global trend of eco-friendliness. The secondary battery and electric vehicle field, materials and composite materials were held simultaneously with the Korea Materials, Composite Materials and Equipment Exhibition (K-Mtech) and the H2 MEET (Hydrogen Mobility, Hydrogen Charging Infrastructure, Hydrogen Energy) exhibition, a specialized exhibition in the hydrogen industry. The synergy effect of holding both exhibitionsat the same time can be maximized by the meeting of the equipment industry and the hydrogen industry.”

He also emphasized, “I pay my respects to all of you who are always working hard for the development of these related industries even in difficult circumstances, and we will do our best to make it a successful K-BATTERY SHOW.”

A total of 150 domestic and foreign companies participated in the secondary battery, materials and equipment exhibition (K-BATTERY SHOW) and the Korean materials, composite materials and equipment exhibition (K-Mtech) held for 4 days from August 31st to September 3rd. Materials fields such as positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, separators, electrolytes, air pressure vents, electrode foils, insulating tubes, activated carbon, ionic liquids, hydrogen storage alloys, etc., rechargeable batteries, capacitors, manufacturing equipment, automation equipment, inspection and measurement.

In addition, equipment fields such as equipment, battery charging systems, charging infrastructure, recycling systems, and other secondary battery materials, parts and equipment, and other batteries, materials, parts, and equipment for the secondary battery industry such as related professional books and information services were exhibited.

During the exhibition period, seminars and conferences with a total of 57 themes are held. Under the main theme of ‘Overcoming the limitations of K-battery, looking forward to the future with technology’ and under the topics ‘Next-generation battery innovation technology’, ‘Black gold battery resource ecosystem’, ‘Electric vehicle ‧Era of ESS’Battery Components’, the 1st K-BATTERY SHOW Conference was held under the theme of from August 31 (Wednesday) to September 2 (Friday).

In addition, the ‘K-BATTERY DAY Conference’ was held in collaboration with the Korea EV Engineers Association throughout the exhibition period, and the ‘K-BATTERY Commercialization Promising Technology Briefing session’ of the Korea Institute of Materials Science and Technology and the secondary battery and composite material technology seminar were held concurrently.

In addition, conferences and seminars held in parallel with the K-BATTERY SHOW 2022 exhibition provided a place for knowledge sharing to share the current state of technology and prospects, and to present strategic information necessary to acquire future competitiveness.

Meanwhile, the secondary battery materials, parts and equipment exhibition (K-BATTERY SHOW), which was newly started in 2022, is an exhibition representing the secondary battery industry that will lead the 4th industrial revolution through convergence with future IT technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. It provides a ‘place for the secondary battery industry’ by exhibiting and introducing a variety of attractions including representative materials, parts, and equipment for secondary batteries such as cathode materials, anode materials, separators, and electrolytes.

In addition, it was held concurrently with the K-Mtech 2022 and H2 MEET exhibitions, providing a place to see the present and future of the material industry as well as secondary batteries, which are rapidly diversifying with the advent of the ‘things battery’ era.

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