Volthium, which has been developing energy redundancy solutions for more than 11 years, has just unveiled a new lithium battery that is unique in North America.

MONTREAL, QC, October 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Volthium, a Canadian company specializing in lithium battery design, is assembling prototypes and some batteries from its catalog here in Montreal.

High performance battery
This is the very first 12V 400AH battery in Standard (conventional) 8D format. For reference, a single lithium volthium battery of this new capacity, weighing only 100 pounds, is the equivalent, in terms of usable energy, of 8 conventional lead acid batteries (group 31) weighing 65 pounds each.

Hydro-Quebec Certification and remote sites
Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity supplier, has certified Volthium’s product and has just signed a five-year supply contract with Volthium for the supply of 48V LiFePO4 batteries. These are modular batteries designed for residential and commercial energy storage. Hydro-Québec will use it to ensure energy redundancy at its remote sites.

The partner company BC-Hydro has already entered into communication with Volthium in order to learn more about the solutions that the company can provide in terms of energy redundancy based on Lithium batteries. Today, Volthium continues to expand its catalog of exclusive creations and collaborates more and more with solar installers based in California, where sunshine is at its full potential.

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