From jazz, to business, ballet, healthcare, architecture, Spanish immersion and beyond, Cuba Study Tours has the largest selection of educational itineraries for North American school groups visiting this enchanting Caribbean island.

TORONTO, ON, August 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — There’s never being a better time to take your students to Cuba as no one can foresee what will unfold in the communist-run Caribbean island nation in the coming years. After almost 60 years of Castro’s’ ruling, a new president has been elected, new constitutional reforms are taking place and private property is being officially recognized for the first time in Cuba’s modern history. A school trip to Cuba will motivate, enlighten and educate your students.

A Caribbean archipelago boasting white sand beaches like nowhere else in the Caribbean, Cuba is a place where cars and buildings still look pretty much the same as they did the year the Cuban Revolution came to power in the 1950’s.

US school boards can stop stressing now about the so-called sonic attacks that prompted Washington to issue a Cuba travel alert recommending American travellers to reconsider travelling to the island. After a-year-long investigation into the unexplained health incidents- that caused some diplomats hearing loss, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, among other symptoms; and a comprehensive risks assessment for US citizen visiting Cuba, the US government has dropped the thread level to 2 which is similar to the treat levels in European countries like Germany, France or Italy.

Cuba is perfect destination for school trips of any subject whether your educational goals are exploring Cuba’s healthcare and educational systems; conducting research into Cuba’s economic and political reforms; exploring Cuba’s rich architectural cores designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites; studying Cuba’s unique biodiversity and rich ecosystems while traversing UNESCO Biosphere Reserves; reliving USA Cuba cold-war-era history by visiting sites like Bay of Pigs; or just delving into Cuba’s culture by partaking in international festivals such as the Havana Jazz Festival, the Havana Book Fair or the Havana Art Biennial just to mention some.

CUBA STUDY TOURS, a division of Authentic Cuba Travel, specialises in Cuba school tours for North American schools, colleges and universities. Their mission is simple: to break down the barriers of language and geography that separate travelers from the Cuban people, and give students and professors alike first-hand learning experiences all while reducing costs and paperwork. Fully escorted by Cuban university-graduated tour guides and bus drivers, their Cuba educational itineraries can be tailored, so that each study trip is individually customized to fit each group’s specific interests and curriculum needs.

It’s completely possible for a wide range of North American schools, colleges and universities to integrate Cuba travel into their academic objectives and lesson plans, allowing students to experience the best historic, cultural and natural sites on the island in an educational, enriching environment. Not only is there a Cuba study trip to fit any group size, educational interest and budget, but each one also takes the American students, professors and staff visitors deep into the heart and soul of the Cuban people.

Past professors agree. “Everywhere we went the Cuban people greeted us with amazing hospitality and genuine warmth,” explained Walker Rutledge, from Western Kentucky University, who visited the island with his students. “As individuals, we could not have felt more welcomed.”

“Our study-tour with Authentic Cuba Travel was indeed successful—successful because the group returned intellectually challenged to articulate the complexity of our nearest Caribbean neighbor. As a couple of students observed, they doubted that they had been exposed to so much information in such a short length of time since they were infants,” continues Rutledge.

Although at the end of 2017, the Department of The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) redrafted some of the Cuba Travel Regulations– following guidelines issued by the new Trump Administration earlier that year in Miami; the General License to Travel to Cuba for Educational Activities for US Educational Institutions was not significantly modified. It is perfectly legal for US schools to organize a school trip to Cuba to participate in structured educational programs or courses of study at Cuban educational institutions; attend non-commercial seminars, conferences and workshops; conduct academic research and others educational purposes. The trip should meet additional OFAC guidelines such as being led by a teacher or representative of the sponsoring US academic institution.

Organizing an array of educational programs for the most prestigious US academic organizations every year, Cuba Study Tours (Authentic Cuba Travel) offers fully customizable school travel through Cuba. Educational trips are carefully designed to meet the unique academic objectives and budget requirements of North American academic institutions.

Cuba is an incredible, culturally rich island, full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and vibrant people. Experience the true authenticity of this beautiful island- from volunteering at an agricultural cooperative or an out-reach community project, to visiting schools and community centers, to participating in workshops on building restoration. Partaking in Cultural Tours to Cuba will give US students an in-depth look to life on this unique Caribbean archipelago. Cuba Study Tours are a window into Cuba, where you’ll become fascinated by the Cuban people, the Cuban culture, all while learning about the social, political and economic structure of this vibrant island country.

Cuba Business Tours for US academic institutions will make possible for students to conduct research into the recent efforts by the Cuban government to modernize Cuba’s Soviet-way centralized economy and to recognize private property in the recent constitutional revisions. Learning how independent entrepreneurs reconcile free-market and the communist-oriented demands; exploring the distinctive cooperative model of Cuba; visiting with joint ventures in between government-run and foreign enterprises; delving into the economic history of the Cuban cigar, sugar cane and rum industries; understanding why and how the tourism industry became the power horse of Cuba’s economy after the collapse of the Soviet bloc are just some of the highlights of the business school trips offered by Cuba Study Tours.

Healthcare Cuba Tours offer a first-hand, in-depth look at Cuba’s unique medical system and health-care model that will both educate and inspire future medical, nursing and healthcare industry professionals, giving them important insight to how much is possible, even with limited resources. Visiting medical schools like the Victoria de Giron and the Latin American School of Medicine; meeting with Cuban doctors and nurses at hospitals, community clinics, family doctor’s offices, maternity homes, and other healthcare facilities such as the National Center for Sexual Education are some of the educational experiences that professors can include in the travel experience to Cuba.

Cuba Architecture Tours make possible for schools of architecture, historic preservation, and urban planning to explore how Cuba’s architecture have evolved since the arrival of the Spanish settlers in the 16th century while assimilating Moorish, Baroque, Art Deco and other styles to produce unique cityscapes. Guided by Cuba’s most renowned architects and tour guides, students have access to landmark buildings like the America, the Lopez Serrano and the Bacardi buildings; visit architectural educational institutions such as the Faculty of Architecture of the Havana’s University and the Group for the Comprehensive Development of Havana City; and travel to UNESCO World Heritage Sites boasting the best preserved colonial towns in South America such as Old Havana, Old Santiago de Cuba, Old Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Cuba Nature Tours will help future American scientist and researchers gain a better understanding of Cuba’s biodiversity, rich ecosystems and preserved ecological areas as they travel through UNESCO biosphere reserves, national parks and protected areas. In fact the World Wildlife Fund called the Cuban archipelago the most biologically rich and diverse island in the Caribbean Sea. By studying coral reefs that look the way they looked elsewhere in the Caribbean region 50 years ago; several endemic species of flora and fauna that can’t be found nowhere else in the world; and ecosystems virtually undisturbed by humans, US students can learn lessons during this school trips to Cuba that could help them safeguard wildlife elsewhere in the planet in the future.

Cuba Jazz Tours for North American Academic Institutions. Jazz aficionados know that one of the best events on the international Jazz circuit is the Havana Jazz Festival. For music lovers, it’s a bucket-list trip, but for North American student groups, attending might seem like an impossible dream. With the help of Authentic Cuba Travel, your students not only will attend the festival – they’ll have the chance to perform at this internationally acclaimed event. Help your students represent their university, state and nation while meeting some of the most talented jazz musicians in the world in Cuba’s capital city. They’ll come home inspired, optimistic and bursting with new knowledge, self confidence and syncopation in their souls.

Cuba Arts Tours haven been designed to give North American students not only the opportunity to enjoy private visits with some of the most important contemporary Cuban artists at their studios and to have exclusive access to secluded Cuban art collections; they’ll also get a chance to take classes at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “San Alejandro,” the oldest and most prestigious fine arts school in Cuba where art classes and clinics are taught by Cuba’s foremost visual artists and art educators. This deep dive into the Cuban creative scene is a life-changing experience for working artists and art-students alike.

Cuba Sports Tours will provide athletes at American universities, colleges and secondary schools with exposure to how Cuban athletes train, as well as a one-to-one cultural exchange with other athletes, trainers and program leaders on the island. Cuba might not be an athletic powerhouse overall, but in certain sports such as Boxing and Baseball; this Caribbean nation has produced many world class athletes. Travel to Cuba for a sports exchange program can be both as enriching as it is eye-opening, and is an exceptional experience for any athlete to have in their training career. Whether you are taking your students to Cuba for training, friendly competition or just a cultural sports exchange, Cuba Study Tours will organize placement with a corresponding Cuban sports school for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Boxing or Volleyball.

There is no better way to improve your students’ Spanish language skills than through a Spanish Immersion Cuba Tour at one of the oldest universities in The Americas in a Spanish-speaking country. The Universidad de La Habana, or the University of Havana, in the Vedado district of Cuba’s capital city, was founded as early as 1728 – is still one of the best classrooms for foreign students looking to improve their Spanish skills. In a short time, students from US schools will be amazed at the progress they can make; in addition to the fun they will enjoy meeting Cuban students along the way!

Cuba Study Tours (Authentic Cuba Travel) recognizes that educators will greatly benefit from visiting Cuba prior to leading their school trips, which is why they offer complimentary Cuba familiarization tours for educators whose school has already committed to travel to Cuba with the company. This is beneficial for school trip leaders, faculty and chaperones to familiarize themselves with the island before traveling with their students and to get a better understanding of the island and its inner workings, so that they can more effectively use culture cues in their teaching curriculum

From jazz, to business, ballet, healthcare, architecture, Spanish immersion and beyond, Cuba Study Tours has the largest selection of educational itineraries for North American school groups visiting this enchanting Caribbean island. With no-obligation tailor-made complimentary school tours and quotes, all details are taking care of by its team of Cuba travel experts, from VISA to flight arrangements via USA ports (Miami, Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, or other). There’s no better time for US schools to plan a trip to Cuba than now.

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