The Unstoppable Warrior Woman book project includes stories from women all over the world who have decided to un-mute their voices and share their journeys to heal and help other women. From women’s health to domestic violence to sexual harassment to dealing with infertility or the loss of a child, the stories span a lifetime of all of these issues that women deal with and most of the time silently.

Head Author Bershan Shaw brought these women together for such a time as this! She’s giving them this great opportunity to TELL their individual stories on a national stage! It’s something how the thing that brings us the greatest pain ends up being the very thing that God uses so that we can reach back and help others along in this journey called life! Bershan is a very successful International Business Strategist with clients from all over the world that she coaches and mentors to help them sharpen their tools and become UNSTOPPABLE! She can do so because she is no stranger to pain and suffering. By the Grace of God she has beat breast cancer twice! And she’s on a mission to help women live healthy and wealthy lives! She is the true definition of an Unstoppable Warrior Woman

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