The Texas based B2B and veteran owned business, All Star Business Solutions, built its business structure on two things;

  • Treat other businesses as you would want your own business treated if in their shoes
  • Support Texas charities geared to helping people that cannot help themselves.

“Over the years of working for other companies and agencies in ‘Corporate America’”, said Walter Little, the licensed agent and owner of All Star Business Solutions, “it became sadly clear that many are just after the money and lose sight on they are dealing with real people with real dreams mixed with real pain.”

“When I talk with especially new business owners that are just starting out, I try to guide them away from the pitfalls that many businesses have made in the past – and failed.  Whether I’m trying to protect their business with a Commercial Insurance quote or talking to them about a Legal Service Plan for Small Business Owners or even Commercial Energy for their brick and mortar business, at the end of the day I always ask myself, “Would I accept this proposal for my own business if I were in their shoes?” and the answer has to be an adamant ‘yes!’”

In addition to the high ethics used in working with All Star Business Solutions, the business structure is also founded on a Charity Support Program designed to help others that cannot help themselves.

Mr. Little states “Every single customer’s account is assigned to an approved charity that is supported by us.  The business customer has the opportunity to select a charity to support but even if they do not select a charity, one is selected for them because every-single-account is assigned an approved charity that is supported by a percentage of the profits made from that customer’s services with us.” He continues, “It’s built into our business structure that we automatically give back to the community to help other people and that support continues on as long as the customer has an active account with us.”

In a more quieted tone of remembrance, he continues “I’ve been there myself.  I know what it feels like to not know where the next meal is coming from or worrying about how the utilities are going to get paid before they are shut off.  If not for the aid of a helping hand when I needed it, I would still be there myself.”

The website, , uses a simple layout to explain the different B2B services available.  In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page uses short and easy to understand animated white-board videos to explain things in simple terms.

“Clients often lose the personal touch when the internet is in the middle so I like to reach out and touch them on a personal level to let them know there is a real live human being working with them and I treat them as such as well, a person with dreams and feelings as well.” Walter declared.

With a slight humorous smile on his face, Walter concluded with “Short of the carrier pigeons and smoke signals, I’ll use whatever means I can to communicate with my clients; whatever works best for them and to treat them as the valued person that they are.”


Walter Little
All Star Business Solutions
PO Box 62251
San Angelo, TX 76906-2251