Are Democrats Receiving Drug Cartel Donations For Border Crisis

NAPLES, FL, January 07, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Former Illinois Republican Congressional candidate and tech entrepreneur Jack Lombardi has called on the Federal Election Commission and the House of Representatives to launch an official investigation on possible Democratic dark money donations from drug cartels. Lombardi said with the ongoing border disaster at the Southwest border and continued indifference and refusal by the Biden Administration and Democratic leaders to address the issue, it raises the questions is it incompetence or something more nefarious. Lombardi pointed out that the open U.S. border is a boon to drug cartels to transport their product unhindered into the United States. Lombardi said along with the comprehensive border package Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is advancing, the Speaker should appoint a select committee to investigate possible drug cartel contributions to the Democrats to keep the border open.

“We are facing a national emergency as great as 9/11 at our Southwest border,” said Jack Lombardi. “The question we should be asking is it due to incompetence or something criminal by the Democrats?

“Who benefits from this border crisis?’, asked Lombardi. “Drug cartels do as they can ship their product across the borders without any legal interference as the Biden Administration has said there is to be no searches of those who enter the country illegally nor consequences.

“Is the Biden Administration allowing this this because it is incompetent or because they are receiving donations from the drug cartels either through laundered money or dark money donations,” concluded Lombardi. “The only way to answer this is a full investigation. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson should immediately appoint a select committee to investigate this to coincide with his proposals on the border. The Federal Elections Commission should also investigate Democratic donations as toughly as they do Republican contributions to see if there are any dark money drug cartel contributions.”

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