Dry January’s message is that alcohol is bad for you. But surprisingly it can be the polar opposite, particularly if you drink wine. “The Very Good News About Wine” tells you why, and how much wine to drink to maximise its health benefits.

TUNBRIDGE WELLS, ENGLAND, February 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — For centuries, the French and Italians have believed wine to be good for one’s health. Recently, however, medical authorities have rubbished the whole idea – for example, claiming that wine’s “supposed” health benefits are “an old wives’ tale”.

But is that true ?

Medical research journalist Tony Edwards, a recipient of both Silver and Gold “Medicine in the Media” awards from the British Medical Association, emphatically says no. Drawing on the findings of over three hundred medical studies, his book sets out the evidence for wine and health, answering some key questions:

Are wine’s “supposed” heath benefits really imaginary ?
What diseases is wine best at preventing ?
What’s the ideal wine intake for optimal health ?
Why does wine not put on weight ?
Is there much difference between red and white wine ?
Is alcohol-free wine healthier than the real thing ?
Are the official ‘alcohol guidelines’ correct ?
Are there any extra benefits from organic and biodynamic wine ?
Is Dry January a good idea ?
Why is drinking good for old people ?
How can people continue to drink wine safely ?

The science
Population studies and clinical trials on animals and humans clearly show that moderate drinking prevents heart disease, diabetes, dementia, obesity, and even some cancers, plus many other more minor conditions. And yet officialdom never comes clean about these scientifically incontrovertible health benefits. Hence the book’s subtitle: “authoritative health evidence the health authorities don’t tell you”.

Tony Edwards says:
“This is my second book about alcohol and health. My first “The Good News About Booze” came out ten years ago. Like the present book, it was based on literally hundreds of studies published in top medical journals, demonstrating two related but surprising facts: 1. drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is good for one’s health, 2. drinking no alcohol at all can have similar health outcomes as drinking too much.

So why write another book on the same subject? After all, the health evidence has not significantly changed. Most drinkers still live longer and healthier lives than teetotalers and serial drunkards.

What’s changed is the attitude to drinking by the medical authorities, who seem intent on demonizing alcohol, mainly on health grounds. Driven by activists from the ‘alcohol charity’ sector, a powerful cabal is now seeking to put alcohol in the same category as tobacco. But that’s ludicrous. While smoking causes dread diseases of which lung cancer is only one, alcohol does the reverse – by actually preventing a wide range of diseases.. Nowhere is this clearer than with wine-drinking, whose health benefits are truly astonishing. I feel strongly that people should be aware of the real health evidence about drinking, and not swallow the propaganda from politicized medics and anti-alcohol activists. Hence the need for this book.”

What top medics said about Tony Edwards’ first book:

“Science writer Tony Edwards has gathered the evidence about the health effects of alcohol from medical journals and processed it in a very understandable way, and with a great sense of humor.” – Professor Karol Sikora, Leading Cancer Specialist
“Exceptionally well-written book, very well-balanced conclusions, informative yet entertaining.” – Professor Curtis Ellison, Boston University School of Medicine
“Very impressive work indeed.” – Professor Thorkild Sorensen, University of Copenhagen
“Recommended reading for doctors and a great majority of their patients. Understandable and accurately presented.” – Dr. Thomas Stuttaford, Leading UK medical columnist

About the author:
Muiti award-winning Tony Edwards is a former BBC TV science journalist, having produced over 80 science documentaries, many shown on PBS ‘Nova’. He has also written on science, technology and medicine for newspapers and medical magazines.

“The Very Good News About Wine” is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon.

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